Solid Waste Removal and Management in Aleppo City - Phase I

With the start of the conflict, the regime ceased any allocation of funds to support waste collection and management services. This has resulted in the termination of such services to the detriment of sanitation and hygiene standards in the city. As fighting continued, most of the equipment of the solid waste sector were misappropriated and used as barricades during the fighting. The overall lack of waste management has led to the spread of bad odors, a dreadful unhygienic situation with exposure to diseases, proliferation of insects’ swarms and various other public health risks.


This project aims to improve the quality of life for Syrians by rehabilitating the solid waste management sector of Aleppo City through the following activities:

  • Supply of hydraulic refuse collection vehicles to transport waste.
  • Supply of equipment (front-end loader, skid steer loader and tipper) to transport waste from temporary landfill to a permanent, secure landfill.
  • Preliminary rehabilitation and proper management of landfill.
  • Provision of operational costs for six months.
  • Provision of staff salaries for six months.


The project will improve pest control and prevent epidemics caused by such pests. Thus, it will improve public health by decreasing the prevalence of diseases (e.g., skin diseases (leishmaniasis), scabies and lice) and prevent the outbreak of cholera through regular and timely sanitation practices. It will also prevent environmental pollution, particularly contamination of underground water, by introducing the practice of sound landfill waste management. This will result in creating job opportunities for unemployed and underemployed people.


With a 24-month duration and a total cost of approximately Euro 2.3 million the project will benefit around 450.000 inhabitants of its target area in Aleppo Governorate.


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