Agriculture Support to Farmers in Raqqa Governorate – Phase II

Raqqa Governorate was once the breadbasket of Syria, producing a large share of Syria’s important cereal crops. Agricultural productivity has been severely affected since Daesh took control of Raqqa.  During the fight to liberate Raqqa from Daesh, many civilians were forced to abandon farms, critical infrastructure was decimated, and agricultural equipment, seeds, crops, and other key inputs were damaged or looted. Restoring the agriculture sector is critical to improve food production and to restore the resilience of Raqqa’s returning population.


The “Agriculture Support to Farmers in Raqqa Governorate – Phase II” intervention will directly support four farmer cooperatives to tackle the issue of food security by providing critical agricultural inputs and farming equipment. The cooperatives will provide the inputs to member farmers, who are cultivating wheat, barley, and vegetables on small plots of land.


Building on activities of the “Agricultural Support to Farmers - Phase I” intervention, Phase II will realize its objectives through:


  • Procurement and supply of consumables, including seeds, fertilizer, herbicide / pesticides, PE sacks, HDPE sheets, as well as hessian sacks.
  • Procurement and delivery of tractors, harvesters, conveyors, balers, agricultural implements (plows, burrows, seeders, ditchers, mowers, sprayers, fertilizer), and maintenance kits and spare parts.
  • Some repairs in the main irrigation canal.


These activities will complement the agricultural support being provided under other assistance programs, thus creating a comprehensive package that can support the resumption of local agricultural activities, markets, and economies. The intervention will also apply key lessons learned from the first phase of the intervention, including sourcing quality inputs, and accelerated delivery and intervention timeline. 


Worth EUR 6.3 million, the intervention will benefit over 1,000 local farmers, their households and associated workers. Cultivating over 4,000 hectares of land, the intervention will further benefit surrounding areas by strengthening the local economy with increased food security.


The intervention is the second of a three-phase plan to support farmers in areas liberated from Daesh. With EUR 10.5 million approved for Phases I & II, the expected total support to farmers is estimated at EUR 16 million with the planned third phase.


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