Approved Projects

During the conflict, the northern and eastern Aleppo countryside experienced intensive battles, these battles have directly affected the infrastructure (hospitals - schools - roads…etc.), most of the civilian infrastructure have been destroyed completely or partially. Moreover, many private... More

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, solid waste collection and disposal services have been disrupted across the country, becoming a public health issue in many cities including Deir Az-zor province located 450 km northeast of Damascus. It is considered the seventh largest city in ea... More

The war in Syria caused extensive destruction of infrastructure and residential buildings and generated massive amounts of rubble of construction materials. In Dar’a Governorate alone, it is estimated that 60,000 houses (homes for approximately 360,000 people) have been destroyed. This has r... More

Due to the on-going conflict, emigration of qualified staff, lack of funding, and scarcity of reliable waste collection trucks and associated equipment,  utility service providers have been unable to adequately perform waste collection duties. These factors have resulted in waste piling up a... More

With the start of the conflict, municipalities stopped collecting solid waste. The whole area received repeated bombardment in the early days of the conflict. which resulted in extensive casualties in human and physical assets. As the conflict continued, waste containers were misappropriated,... More

Following the outbreak of the conflict, debris and rubble accumulated as a result of the repeated shelling of cities. The lack of heavy machinery to rehabilitate water mains, remove debris, open roads, and clean city squares exacerbated the situation. As the conflict continued, waste containers we... More

With the start of conflict, the solid waste management sector was badly affected. As fighting continued, equipment from the solid waste sector has been misappropriated and used as barricades. Local communities have been paying the price not only in terms of human casualties but also in the deterio... More