Approved Projects

Prior to the conflict, electricity services were provided to a northern district in Aleppo and its greater area by the General Company for Electricity of Aleppo Governorate and the district Electricity Department. The supply source for the northern district in Aleppo was via 20kv feeders from a 66... More

The medium voltage grid in Dar’a Governorate has not been adequately maintained since the start of the conflict due to the lack of resources and equipment. Medium voltage hardware such as circuit breakers, underground cables, overhead conductors, fuses, poles, towers, isolators, disconnector... More

Syria’s power generation system and national electricity grid suffered a great deal of damage since the outbreak of the conflict. Consequently, the country’s power generation capacity was reduced by about 75%. Power supplies to a large number of urban and rural areas, including the tar... More

Since the start of the conflict and due to the lack of resources, the equipment of the high voltage transmission has not been sufficiently maintained and is at a high risk of failure for some areas in Aleppo Governorate. Without the planned preventive maintenance of the high voltage sub-stations t... More

The low voltage grid in the selected township is old and in need of rehabilitation. It also needs to be expanded due to recent urbanization and an increasing number of internally displaced persons. Furthermore, the township was indirectly affected by air strikes that led to the burning of many tra... More

Electricity transformers have burned, cables have gone missing, and electrical relays and other equipment have been destroyed or are in need of severe repair. Without electricity, water pumps do not function, food production is reduced, and there is a meager provision of health care services and o... More